788A19F7-68AB-419D-9F2C-7E7A401EE17774BFF7BA-CB14-4882-8A45-BB121F8EFAEB41E03D29-D061-43BF-9D5B-42AF821F68917E0043FA-4403-4CA4-BD13-12CA40D3D5BDDFB03391-5043-4E40-A3BB-BC7FA3DCE374CF54FFC4-C99F-42C9-B544-43F6DA05450A59a49e8d-2b5f-4d72-ba06-89af39d64cc0efcdb02c-c692-461f-a138-09b19a55efea122c0382-0084-4041-a95a-36bae7bb1cf0ca2e808f-2f84-49e9-95d7-2750828bf1d16b6e68f6-d136-4a8f-93f5-00ca6f84d455Wash and style $30+ Added $10 flat iron

This service includes shampoo, condition, wet cut and blow-dry styling. Add on our premium flat iron service for $10.

Wash and cut only $40+

This service includes shampoo, condition and haircut.

Add $10 for air dry

Kids haircut $30+

This service is suitable for children __ and under and includes shampo, condition, wet cut and blow-dry styling.

Roots color $50 +

This service is a great for those who need a quick touch up at the hair roots.

Full-color $65 +

La Moda uses professional products by Goldwell to achieve the perfect permanent and semi-permanent hair colour for you without sacrificing hair health. Corrective colour is available upon consultation.

Partial highlights $100+

Partial highlights are placed around the crown of the hair to accentuate the face and add texture and dimension

Full highlights $150+

Highlights can be placed throughout the hair to create a consistent colour.

Cap highlights $75+

Toner $35+

Toner can be applied in between color treatments, so that your color lasts and looks fresh longer. For those thinking of lightening your hair, toner helps to cool down or warm up the exact shade of your hair.

Partial Balayage $100+

This freehand French colouring technique creates partial highlights for a gradual, natural-looking hair and an effortless, sunkissed finish.

Full Ombré-Balayage- $150 +

This freehand French colouring technique creates gradual, natural-looking highlights throughout the hair. The balayage is a great way to add depth and dimension to your hair.

Treatment OLAPLAEX $35

The Olaplex treatment helps rebuild damaged hair and rebuild hair follicles that were broken during the chemical process.

Hair mask treatment $30+

This hair mask treatment helps to infuse your hair with the strength, moisture and shine.

Perm short hair $70 +

This chemical treatment sets hair in waves or curls that can lasts for several months.

Relaxer short hair $230+ Long hair $300+

A relaxer (also called a re-texturizer) is a permanent chemical treatment that helps to smooth and control frizzy and/or curly hair.

Smoothing system treatment
short hair $250+
long hair $450+

Keratin: This semi-permanent chemical treatment works on frizzy and curly hair textures to smooth and straighten hair.

Curls short hair $40 + long hair $65 +

Using our range of professional curling irons, La Moda’s hairstylists will help you achieve the best curls for your hair.

Updos $85+

(Extensions upon consultation)

At La Moda, our stylists will create a chic and effortless hairstyle for you.

For those who to add volume, length or coloured hair extensions, La Moda offers a range of hair extensions upon consultation.

Wedding updo style (upon consultation)

La Moda offers full hair services for wedding parties of any size upon consultation.

Bridal trial $75 +

We offer a hair trial for brides-to-be upon consultation. The bride can test out a hairstyle to guarantee a winning wedding day look.